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Program Curriculum

Dance Gap Year 12-Week Curriculum:

Welcome to Dance Gap Year! Our program is designed to help you explore various art forms and artistic disciplines, including music producing, video production, photography, filmmaking, choreography, and more. Each art form will be covered over a 10-12 week period.

Course Objectives:

  • Learn practical concepts of various art forms

  • Gain a basic understanding of visual arts

  • Learn the significance of visual arts

  • Get acquainted with concepts led by your artist mentors

Visual Arts & Self Discovery:

  • Time Management led by Dominique Robinson

  • Mentorship led by Zoe Rappaport

  • Video Production led by Zoe Map

  • Virtual Photography led by Hannah Long

  • Self-Discovery led by Sakina Ibrahim

  • Movement Styles led by Bams & Milerka

  • Branding led by Jen

Performing Arts:

  • Filmmaking led by NYVids

  • Epic Movement led by Darrel Friidom Dunn

  • Contemporary/Improvisation led by Kanami

  • Rehearsal/Performance/Audition Prep: Queen Tut

  • Public Performance led by Pizarts 

  • Cultural Workshops led by Special Guests

  • Editorial Photoshoot led by Mike Rivera & Harvey Champagne


Weekly 1-hour virtual sessions will be conducted, along with in-person sessions for rehearsals, photoshoots, lectures, and workshops held in either large venues, outdoor spaces, or studio rentals throughout the city. It is a great way to really experience New York like a true New York artist. 


Course Requirements:

  • Be on time

  • Attendance

  • Final Project

  • Mini Art Projects

  • Feedback & Dialogue

  • Assessments

  • Session Presentations


The final performance may include a live show and virtual film festival. Throughout the program, you will be asked by your artist mentors to present samples of work and works in progress are acceptable.

You are required to have a reliable laptop or computer for this course, along with music and editing programs the preferred program is Premiere.

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